In normal conditions, this phenomenon happens in the oil press. Installing a cake scraper 20 mm from your cake outlet is the simplest solution. However, this is only a general solution. The cause of the problem is still unknown.small production line

Actually, the problem of the cake windingshaft is caused by failure of both the press chamber as well as the screw. The screwpress goes through the factory’s mill before it leaves the factory. Customers are responsible for paying this back once they get home. It is important to use fee cakes or other materials that allow the spindle to run smoothly.olive press machine for sale

To remove the spindle, you can use a polishing device to clean up any visible large particles or uneven areas. To increase the cake’s thickness, use the grinder. You can adjust the thickness slowly until you see the cake is very hard. It no longer wraps around your axis.small oil press for sale

To avoid any serious problems, do not continue to squeeze oil from the cake-wrapped shaft. After the problem is resolved, start pressing oils again.soybean press for sale