Benteng Machinery produces rapeseed oils from a variety of models, including model 6YL-68, model 6YL-80, model 6YL-95 and model 6YL-100 ect. There are many models that produce different oils. Many users are beginners who don’t know how choose the model or model of rapeseed oil press. Selecting the right model and model of rapeseed oil presses requires careful consideration.home olive press for sale

The rapeseed oil press model 6YL-68 can produce oil at 220V with household electricity. This type is ideal for mobile oil extraction. It can be used in mountainous regions with limited raw materials. You can easily walk in the alleys and streets. This type of oil presses is not suitable to be processed in large oil mills.oil making machines

The model 6YL-100 and the model 6YL-120 rapeseed oil press are both cooked and raw oil presses. It can also be used to open oil mills or factories. The model 6YL-100 rapeseed oil press can extract 200-300kg from rapeseeds in an hour. press machine sale While the model 6YL-120 can extract 250-350kg in one hour, the model 6YL-125 can extract 300-400kg per one hour. These two styles are quite popular, particularly in southern China, where most of the rapeseed is eaten raw.soybean oil press machine for sale

The model 6YL-130 and the model 6YL-160 rapeseed oil press are both classified as raw presses. It is usually dominated in the north. Soybeans, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, peanut and other oil seeds can be squeezed. It should be squeezed twice. pressing extracting plant oils Clear color is obtained from the oil. The model 6YL-130 can squeeze out 500 kg twice per hour and the model 6YL-160 can squeeze out about 750kg twice per hour. Local conditions are important when choosing the right model or model for rapeseed oils press.small olive press