Peanut oil presse is an important equipment in oil mills. Customers use the oil press at an early stage, with high oil yield and minimal faults. The equipment eventually fails and produces low oil yields. Many customers will wonder if there is an issue with the screw oils press. oil press meter

The customer hasn’t maintained the vehicle for a while, which is the main reason for low oil yields and failures. Regular maintenance is essential, just as a car. You will experience problems such as this if you don’t maintain it. The same applies to the oil presses. Benteng Machinery today reveals the problems that can result from the non-maintenance of the peanut-oil press. oil extraction machine amazon

1. A reduction in work efficiency.

The friction increases, the interaction gets more complex, and the machine’s resistance works harder. This affects the machine’s normal efficiency, and makes it less efficient.hathmic raw extra virgin coconut oil

2. The oil pressing has a lower quality.

The machine’s internal wear will be increased if it is not maintained over time. The machine will experience reduced oil press quality if it has an excessively high internal clearance. The output rate of oil will be also reduced. screw press palm oil

3.Hidden dangers.

The peanut butter press needs to be maintained regularly or there could be hidden dangers. palm oil press The coordination work between the different parts cannot be done well.expeller pressed canola