The two major production processes of the oil press are mainly hot pressing and cold pressing. Generally speaking, hot pressing is mainly used in the south, cold pressing is used in some areas in the north, and hot pressing is used in some areas.

There are many differences in oil quality for different pressing processes. Hot pressed oil is called cooked oil. Cold-pressed oil is called raw oil. The main difference between cold-pressed oil and hot-pressed oil is that one needs to go through high temperature steaming and frying before pressing, and one does not need to go through high temperature steaming and frying before pressing.

The advantage of hot pressing is that the pressed oil is very fragrant, and the oil that has been heated is more oily than cold pressed. The cold-pressed oil retains the original flavor while retaining the original nutrients, while the hot-pressed oil is darker in color from the high-temperature processed oil, so the crude oil must be filtered before being eaten. The color of cold-pressed oil is good, relatively light, cold-pressed oil press, but the oil is not fragrant and does not get angry.

The key is that the cold-pressed oil will not foam when frying and won’t swim. Cold-pressed oil has good characteristics and avoids the adverse effects of traditional high-temperature oil-pressing processing. The flavor and color of the oil are preserved in the cold-pressed product oil, and the physiological substances in the oil are completely preserved (vitamin E has anti-aging function, sterol has the function of strengthening the skin and enhancing the body’s metabolism), and the original flavor of the cold-pressed oil is preserved.

It means that the oil is squeezed after being cooked in a wok. The cooked oil is pure and fragrant, especially the oil-rich sesame and peanuts. Cold pressed oil and hot pressed oil have their own advantages. Users should start with local reality.

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