What is the oil output rate of the tea oil press?

There are two types of tea seed oil press: screw press and hydraulic press. The traditional pressing process is hydraulic pressing. The hydraulic press requires steaming material, and the operation is relatively cumbersome. Although the operation of screw press is simple, not all screw presses can squeeze tea seeds. The lignin of tea seeds is relatively high and the shell is relatively hard. A special snail squeezer is needed to squeeze tea seeds. Under normal circumstances, the oil yield of tea seeds is 88-32%, and some customers have a relatively low oil yield of squeezed tea seeds. Analyze the reasons for the low oil yield of the tea seed oil press. The oil output rate of the tea seed oil press is undoubtedly related to the oil content of the raw materials, process methods and operation methods.

  1. OperatorThe main reasons are that the technical department is proficient, the operating skills are not high, the operating procedures are not followed, and the operation is careless; the personnel are not closely coordinated and the equipment utilization rate is low!
  2. Machinery and equipmentImproper installation and adjustment of the new machine, poor equipment quality, and incorrect use and maintenance in accordance with the operating procedures will all make the tea seed oil press ineffective. Man-made accident repairs directly affect oil quality and production capacity. Activate the new machine. The squeezing and boring must be derusted, run-in, and trial squeezed, and try to increase the squeezing and boring temperature before the formal rolling to keep the feed and the cake unblocked.

3 Enter the oil feed The high impurity content and low quality of the raw materials will directly affect the oil output efficiency and production capacity. Impurities (impurities such as plant stems and leaves, pickles, wormwood, hemp rope, cloth pieces, paper scraps and various grains, inorganic impurities such as dust, soil, sand, tiles, etc.) and oily (diseases and insect pests) , Improper grains and heterogeneous oilseeds, etc.), metal impurities (iron nails, screws, etc.) should be cleaned and screened by mechanical equipment, and the pretreatment process should be implemented as required.

The nutritional value of tea seed oil is relatively high, and the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, increasing the oil yield can increase profits.