Many novices who just started the oil mill often encounter some problems and need to consult. Benteng is a manufacturer of oil presses. Solve the user’s entrepreneurial problems.Benteng will give detailed answers to the problems encountered in the process of starting an oil mill.

Nowadays, the common people are more and more appreciative of fresh squeezing and selling. Therefore, the demand for oil mills is also very large. One factor to consider; the site and three-phase electricity required by the oil mill are the main considerations. It usually takes more than a dozen square meters to extract oil for external processing. If it is to press oil and sell oil, the area required is slightly larger. Need more than twenty squares. Some users are worried that the oil press equipment can’t be placed.

In fact, this is too much to worry about. The store has a large store and a small store, so there is no need to worry about this store. Generally, commercial oil presses require three-phase electricity and two technologies and operations. Many users are novices and do not know how to operate and install. Some technicians from our factory come to install and teach the technology free of charge. Our technical staff will explain the operating procedures in detail, so that users can fully grasp it. Our oil press has been tested and run-in at the factory.

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