Many novices when starting the oil mill have problems. It is important to consult with them. Benteng manufactures oil presses. Benteng Machinery can help users solve their entrepreneurial problems. We will provide detailed solutions to all problems that may arise when starting an oil mill.oil press equipment

The common man is more interested in selling and squeezing oil. Oil mills are in high demand. You should also consider the location and the three-phase electricity that is required by an oil mill. Extracting oil for external processing takes about 12 square meters. It is much more difficult to extract oil for sale and pressing oil. Not less than 20 oil press machine

Some users worry that the oil press equipment cannot be installed. It is nothing to worry about. There is no reason to be concerned about the store’s large and small stores. Commercial oil presses typically require three-phase electricity as well as two technologies.small oilseed press

Many users are beginners and do not know how the equipment works. Free of charge, technicians from our factory will help install and teach the technology. So that users understand the operation, our technical staff will provide detailed instructions. The factory has run-in and tested our oil press.small scale oil press