Comparing with the traditional oil press equipment there are more sesame seeds and flax than ever before. Also, there is more oil sunflower, flax and peanuts. We all know that there are many oil crops on offer. If one oil press equipment is unable to squeeze one type of raw materials, it will most likely not be suitable for oil-mill processing.cold oil press machine for sale

The current oilspress equipment is capable of extracting many different raw materials. The range of edible oils available on the current market is extensive. These include peanut oil (or flax oil), rapeseed, flax, sunflower, soybean, sesame and tea seed oils, as well as rapeseed, peanut, flax, sunflower, soybean, sesame and sesame oil. . These oils can be squeezed and used for physical squeezing.

Rapeseed: The oil yield is 37% to 42%. Rapeseed’s nutritional value is high and its price is low. The flavor is excellent and the cooking process is pleasant.soybean oil extraction machine

Peanut. Peanut is used often in oil pressing equipment. It is a valuable soft oil with a high oil and shell content. Peanuts have 65%-75% kernels and 40%-51% kernel oil. They also contain 25%-31% of protein. Peanuts are an important source of protein and oil.

Soybeans. In northern China, soybeans tend to be planted more. The soybean oil and pressed soybean cakes can both be made into artificial meat or eaten as is. Soybean oil generally yields around 15%-18%. Soybean oils are a vegetable oil that has great nutritional value.

Sesame Seeds: All users who have ever squeezed sesame kernels know that the seeds must be squeezed. The traditional oil presses are very inefficient. Generally, an additional hydraulic oilpress is required. But the new Oil Press Equipment It can squeeze sesame seed, has a unique temperature control, and produces about 55% oil.seed oil extraction machine

Tea seeds There are many tea seeds in south China. The cost of tea seed oil is typically more than 50 yuan per cup. Many users’ tea seed oil press equipment can produce between 18 and 23 quarts of oil per 100 tea seeds. The oil presses should yield an oil output of between 28 and 32 kg.cold pressed virgin olive oil

The oil pressing equipment is specifically made for tea seeds with a hard shell. It produces a very good result. You can also press oil sunflower (sunflower seed), flax and cottonseed. By purchasing an oil pressing equipment, you can extract more than 20 different types of oil.