A hydraulic oil presse is the traditional method of extracting camellia seed. It is difficult to use a hydraulic oil press because it needs to pack cakes and steam camellia seeds. The screw press can now replace the hydraulic press for camellia seed.expeller pressed vegetable oil

Screw oil presses for extracting camellia seeds can not be used with ordinary snails such as peanuts, snails, or sunflowers. Camellia seeds have a high lignin content, so special snails are required to squeeze them.traditional olive press

The advantages of a screw oil press to press camellia seeds

1.Long life and advanced technology.

The screw-oil press uses steel that has been quenched, carburized, or high-frequency quenched. It is hardened, has a high wear resistance and high density. It can be used for long-term continuous automated production.palm oil pressing machine

2.High oil output, high output and high pressure within the press chamber.

The special screw presse has a higher pressure, which results in a much better output. Additionally, the design of both the press chamber (and the screw press) is more scientifically and rationally designed, and the pressing process is smoother. There are three types of pressing methods: raw pressing, hot pressing, and cooked pressing.chekku oil online

Different eating habits can lead to different methods of squeezing.

1.Raw press (cold pressing).: Pour the oil directly into the oil presse to begin normal production.

2.Hot press (cooked pressing). Once the oil has been fried, it can be put directly into the oil presse to press it normaly, and then it is squeezed once more.

3.Low energy consumption, labor savings: The screw-oil press makes tile-shaped pancakes. The pancakes have a low residual oil rate. High oil output rate. Infrared heating is used. The temperature control system automatically reduces heat loss and speeds up heating times. The gearbox uses planetary gears which reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Production of electric automatic control, with a minimum number of employees (1-2 persons).oil press machine amazon