The soybean oil production process consists primarily of two types: raw and cooked pressing. Soybeans are the most commonly squeezed. The oil press is used to extract the raw oil. The step of frying the seeds is skipped.coconut oil extraction machine

It takes two times to squeeze the oil out of the soybean oil during the squeeze process. seed to oil machine

1. Use of soybean cakes. Peanut cakes and rapeseed cakes are common feeds. Catty prices are generally about 1 yuan. Raw pressing is a way to ensure that the soy protein does not get destroyed. You can make artificial meat or yuba. Soybean cake costs more than two Yuan per catty.

2. The crude oil is nutrient-dense and high in unsaturated fats. Any residues of heavy metals, cholesterol, or acids are removed. This oil has a clear appearance, a fresh smell, and a great cold pressed coconut oil

3. Raw squeezing is a way to avoid the seeds being fried. This requires the use of gas, coal, and wood, and can be quite cumbersome. The oil yield will be affected by raw squeezing. It does not require the use of oil frying.oil press machine for home

The oil output rate is therefore relatively stable. It is also very simple to operate. The most popular squeezer models currently on the market today are the 130 type and the 1.50 type. An automatic cycle feeder is included with the green press. You can feed directly. The operation is therefore simple and straightforward.cold press oil machine for home