Two types of oil pressing equipment are available: three-phase and two-phase electricity. Two-phase electricity is small and is used for mobile oil extraction. Three-phase electricity can be used for external processing in oil mills, or for selling and squeezing oil. gramiyaa peanut oil

Many people think that they can start with a modest investment and make a two-phase mobile electric oil press. This idea is very good. The output of two-phase electricity and profit are both low. Three-phase electricity has a high output and a high oil output cold pressed coconut oil for hair

Electricity used in industrial electricity is 380v, which produces large amounts of electric energy and more power. Oil press equipment is a product from the machinery industry. Why use three-phase electricity in industrial applications?

1. Three-phase electricity has a large power supply. It is 380V AC voltage. This provides greater electrical energy and can produce more oil press equipment kinetic energy.mustard oil extraction machine for home

2. The production power of Oil Press Equipment will increase with its high efficiency and strong function using three-phase electricity.

3. High quality. The oil press equipment is dependent on pressing technology. The power required to press the oil will be insufficient. This will lead to problems with the pressing capacity. Is it possible that the equipment can’t be driven by two-phase electricity?sesame oil machine

Not all. There are now two-phase machines, but it is important to pay attention to the rated power of any machine you purchase. Only if the oil press equipment matches, it can be considered good. We must make profits for our users in order to make oil extraction possible. To meet the needs of different oils with different yields, equipment must be modernized, oil output rates must be high, and the oil extract must be clean. This is how oil can be purchased and the business will expeller pressed canola oil