You should understand the peanut butter pressing squeezing and how to choose the appropriate equipment. The oil pressing process can be divided into two types: one is raw pressing, and the second is cooked pressing. There are different types of matching equipment for different pressing methods. Benteng Machinery analyses the Oil Press Method from two processes. natural cold pressed oil

1.The standard production process for hot pressing process oil presse is as follows:

Peanut shelling-fried nuts squeezing oils-filtering The sheller has the ability to peel whole peanuts. This allows for an increase in hourly output. casa olearia carapelli olive oil This step is not necessary if peanut kernels can be purchased directly. Once the peanuts have been peeled, they are fried. After the peanut kernels turn a pale yellow color and the temperature reaches 110 to 130 degrees, you can take them out of the pan. After squeezing the oil, it is filtered. The oil can be immediately used for cooking after being filtered. A peanut sheller, a seed frying device, Oil Press, and an oil filter are all necessary cold pressed coconut oil for skin

2. Oil pressing peanut kernels can be cold pressed whole grain. You need to understand the oil’s moisture when cold pressing. The skin is generally too dry to use a hand mixer to crush it. You should add 3-4% water, and cold press. 30% to 40% of the cake. Cold pressing means to press the oil directly without frying the seeds. The oil yield must be obtained by twice pressing the cake. There are 150 and 130 models of cold presses.wooden cold pressed groundnut oil

These models have a circulating hoist. You can do the secondary pressing without needing to feed oil pressing machine