The Fully automatic oil press currently is the most popular oil presses . The current market is also a favorable place for it. Customers are increasingly looking to purchase a fully automated oil press in order to open an oils workshop. gorenje oil press A machine can be a large investment. The machine’s service life is something that many users are concerned about. What is the life expectancy of fully automatic oil press machine. moringa oil press machine

The life expectancy of fully-automatic oil press machine depends largely on the quality of its core components. The appearance of an oil press is made from good steel. It has been thickened to national standards and the casting has been subjected to high-temperature heat treatment. This makes it durable. The appearance of the machine will not be affected by rain or other external factors. cold press oil expeller

A large factory produces the motor part. It is a silver core motor. yoda oil press Cr12 die steel is used for the screw pressing parts. Can guarantee a minimum of 400,000 jin. After 4-5 years, there is no problem. Regular maintenance won’t cause problems if the maintenance is good.piteba nut and seed oil expeller oil press

Service life can also vary from one person to the next. The service life of an oil press is determined by the operator and the operation method. To extend the life of your fully automatic oil press machine, it is important to understand its structure.portable oil press machine 

Regular maintenance of fully automatic oil pressing machine. To extend the life expectancy of , the fully automated oil press machine is recommended. It is important to invest in high quality equipment to ensure a long life span of fully automatic oil press machine. High quality equipment made of good material. screw press oil extraction