The peony seed oil oil is a great oil. It is not used for food. Peony oil is mostly used to make cosmetics. The country’s strong support for peony cultivation has allowed the peony crop to grow. It is now possible to purchase a peony oil press. Customers purchasing peony seeds oil presses should be familiar with the pressing process. Peony oils are different from regular rapeseed oils because they contain special oils. manual oil extraction machine

The majority of peony seeds can be squeezed. Peony seed have a layer on their skin that is dark brown. This must be removed in order to squeeze them. Peony seeds must be squeezed in three parts. commercial cold press oil machine

1.Peony seed peeling and kernel shell separation. Seed peeling can increase oil yield, decrease oil loss, improve oil cake quality, and give full play to oil production equipment’s production capacity, reduce maintenance costs, and benefit the overall hull Comprehensive utilization. The skin is black. If the oil is directly pressed, it will turn black. However, tree peony skin is not edible. For peeling, you will need the peony seeds peeling machine. machine to extract oil from seeds

2. No chemical additives are used in the whole process of extracting oil and making it. This ensures that oil is safe for consumption and does not cause any harm to nutrition. Low-temperature pressing is possible by using a squeezer. Make sure nutrients are not lost.cardiac cold pressed oil

3.Refinement of peony seed oil. A combination of chemical and physical methods is used to refine peony oil. To meet cosmetic requirements, oils must be refined. These three steps are key to the squeezing procedure of the peony oil press. They are not required.seed press machine