Modern oil mills use multifunctional oils presses. The multifunction oil press is capable of extracting a variety oils. You can meet the different needs of your customers. Multi-function oil press is capable of producing more than 20 oils including oil sunflower, peanut, sesame and soybean. It can be used in many places. Benteng Machinery will demonstrate how to use the multi-functional oil press to extract different oils crops.second press olive oil

1. Peanut kernel pressing: Hot pressing or cold pressing are possible. Cold pressing, however, is not as efficient as hot pressing. Hot pressing: peanuts-peeling-fried seeds-pressing-filtering. Cold pressing: peanuts-peeling-squeezing (press twice)-filtering.seed presser

2. Soybean pressing method: At present, there are two main pressing methods for soybeans: hot pressing and cold pressing hot pressing: soybeans-fried seeds-pressing-filtering and cold pressing: soybeans-pressing (press twice)- filter.cold press oil machine for commercial use

3.Rapeseed squeeze method: The two main methods of pressing rapeseed are cold pressing and hot press. The main method for increasing oil yield and oil quality is hot pressing. The process flow is as follows: Hot pressing: rapeseed-screening-steaming and frying-pressing-filtering and cold pressing: rapeseed-screening-pressing. hot pressed oil

4. Cotton seed pressing process: cotton-delinting-pressing- The pressing process of filtering oil is basically the same. There are three steps to fry seeds, squeeze oil and filter oil.cold pressed oils online