Rapeseed could be considered the main raw material used for oil extraction. In southern China, rapeseed is particularly popular. It is thought that many people want to learn more about the process of making rapeseed oil. This is due to the importance of choosing the right support equipment.wood pressed groundnut oil

Benteng Machinery will explain the process of pressing rapeseed oil. This will help users who wish to purchase an oil presse have a better knowledge and understanding. Process for extracting rapeseed oil: selection machine-seed stirrer/oil press-oil filter. how to press oil

One: The main purpose of the selection device is cleaning up. Cleaning up the impurities and dust in the rapeseed will increase the processing capability of the oil press equipment. Reduce the wear on the machinery and reduce the amount of ash flying. This is a benefit for the environment.milling oil

Two: The steaming and frying the rapeseed. One of the three types of drum seed frying machines, closed seed fry machine or electric heating seeds frying machine can be used. The purpose of these machines is to control the moisture content of the rapeseed and allow for the effect of squeezing. The seed frying machine will allow you to directly place the selected rapeseed into it. It will maintain its stability at around 120 degrees and control the moisture at approximately 1-1.5%. coconut oil extraction machine

Three: The oil presses primarily press oil. The oil press uses a combination of the steamed and fried materials to extract oil. This is done in order to increase the oil yield of the rapeseed. The original flavor of the raw material is preserved by not adding chemicals to the whole process. screw machine oil

Four: The main purpose of the oil filter is filtering. The extracted oil is crude oil. Before it can be consumed, the oil filter must be used. Additionally, the oil can be used to cook directly without the need for filtration.soybean oil mill near me