The oil pressing equipment is used to extract a wide range of granular oils, including soybeans, cottonseeds and peanut kernels, sesame seed, sesame seeds, sesame seeds, rape seed oils, and small wild vegetable oils. It is important to address the problem immediately. The causes and solutions to the decrease in output of oils press equipment.cardia cold pressed gingelly oil

(1) Raw materials are not properly cleaned, so sand and other sundries get into the press room.

(2) The parts should not be replaced if the screw shaft has been polished.used oil press machine for sale

(3) The speed of the shaft should not be too fast or too slow.oil extraction machine commercial

(4) The screw shaft is not smooth and can affect the output of your cake. You will need a grinder wheel or a material that has a high friction coefficient, such as chaff, to mix into the cake. Once the cake is mixed, add water to the machine and turn it on.cold olive oil

(5) The cake is not enough. This is an operational problem. Different oils require different thickness requirements to be pressed. To ensure the best possible output from the press, the cake thickness should be determined based on the different raw materials. The theoretical output of all models of oil presses is the same. The actual output will often be higher or lower than the theoretical output. Too low output is an abnormal phenomenon that can be fixed if the above factors are considered.cold compressed oil