At present, the oil pressing equipment on the market is mainly two kinds of screw oil press and hydraulic oil press. But many oil mills choose screw presses, but hydraulic presses are rarely seen. What is the reason that the screw press has such a wide range of uses?

This is mainly determined by the oil pressing process of the screw oil press and the hydraulic press.

The screw oil press is currently a more advanced continuous oil press equipment. The working raw material is the propelling effect of the rotating screw shaft in the press chamber, so that the press material is continuously shot forward. The volume of the space is continuously reduced to generate pressure, which compresses the squeezed material, and squeezes out the oil in the material embryo, and flows out from the gap of the squeezing cage. At the same time, the residue is pressed into a tile shape and continuously removed from the end of the press shaft.

The characteristics of the oil pressing of the screw press are: continuous production, large single-machine processing capacity, low labor intensity, high oil output efficiency, thin cakes, and it is beneficial to comprehensive utilization, so it is widely used.

The hydraulic oil press is a kind of intermittent pressing equipment that uses the principle of liquid transmission pressure to squeeze the oil in the cake ring and take out the oil. The hydraulic oil press has simple structure and low power consumption, but the output is small, so it is not suitable for large-scale processing. The oil cake squeezed by the hydraulic oil press is disc-shaped and thick. Moreover, the raw materials need to be steamed before pressing with a hydraulic oil press, which is relatively cumbersome to operate.

The screw oil press uses a three-stage press, so the oil output rate is relatively higher, and it is more suitable for the oil pressing needs of modern oil mills.