Many users know the hydraulic oil press . But there is very little knowledge about screw presses. I don’t know what the effect of the screw press for sesame seeds is? Now the oil mills are generally operated on a variety of scales. It’s not just about squeezing a raw material. What’s more, a variety of oils can be squeezed. The oil mill is mainly based on screw presses. Therefore, for many users, the screw press can generate income for pressing sesame seeds.

The general requirements for the screw press to squeeze sesame seeds are:

1. Extend the time for the oil to be pressed, adjust the distance of the pressing shaft, increase the oil gap, lengthen the oil break, strictly control the cake end.

2, and increase the pressing chamber. The compression ratio of the section is beneficial to increase the oil yield, but attention must be paid to the adjustment of temperature and moisture at the same time. The method of pressing sesame seeds with a screw press: Sesame is an oil with a higher oil content, and the oil content is as high as 45-63%. The screw press is generally used to press sesame seeds: because sesame is more difficult to squeeze.

The operators are required to have relatively high technical proficiency. The process flow of the screw press for pressing sesame seeds is as follows: Sesame–cleaning–rolling embryo-soft frying-squeezing screw oil press No matter from the technical level or the production efficiency, it is better than the water substitute method, the pressing method is in the residual The utilization and storage of cakes have also changed. Therefore, the use of squeezing method to produce art sesame oil is increasing day by day.