The oil output rate is the best way to determine the quality of a oil press. The oil output rate is a measure of how profitable a rapeseed oil press can make and how well the market responds to it.industrial oil press  However, rapeseed oil presses produce low oil rates, which means there is no market. Some users claim that the rapeseed oils press does not produce oil but cakes after being used for a while. This problem must be addressed immediately. Rapeseed oil presse does not produce cakes without oil. sunflower oil press machine

The problem with oil. The oil content in the oil determines the oil yield from the Rapeseed Oil Press . Some oil may be aged, and the quality is inconsistent. The storage time is too long and the oil content is lower because of this. It is impossible to squeeze out such oil. It is only necessary to replace the oil if there is an oil problem. (Eliminate oil stored for longer than 5 years. Squeeze oil. oil expeller machine

Oil is severely blocked. This is a problem. Many people don’t pay enough attention to the rapeseed-oil press machine. While the oilline may become blocked after prolonged use, the cake outlet remains very smooth. Because pressure, torque, and other factors act on the outlet of the cake, it is discharged smoothly. There is no oil line so the oil flows out of the nut. We call this pour out the oil. You can remove all the slivers from the nut, clean them and reassemble them. oil press for sale

The temperature at the pressing chamber exceeds the recommended temperature. Pressure and temperature are two of the factors that impact the oil output. It will not result in oil being released from the oil outlet if the temperature is too high. This is an indication that the temperature of the pressing chamber has reached too high and can be corrected by cooling it.oil press machine