It was difficult for the user to use the screws press to install the screw. Furthermore, the bearing’s lifetime was severely reduced.small olive press

Incorrect operation during crude oil extraction is a major reason for bearing damage. The following are the key points and issues to consider:

1 Start by slowly feeding the squeezer. Slowly adjust the gap between the cakes so that the oil is removed and the cake thickness is reduced. If the body is warm, you can increase the feeding amount gradually. If the body is very warm, it can work normally. It is important to keep the squeeze from causing excessive feed or a sudden increase in load.mustard oil production machine

2After adjusting your cake’s gap, make sure to tighten the lock nuts to prevent the squeezer getting loose and causing your cake to lose its thickness.palm kernel oil extraction machine

3Don’t allow stones or metals to be mixed with the oil during feeding. They can enter the pressure chamber. This will avoid any potential injury to the body.cold pressed coconut oil amazon

4The press process should have a different thickness depending on the type of oil used and its moisture. The cake gap when squeezes peanuts or soybeans is generally between 0.3-1.0mm. You should not reduce the cake spacing and increase the bearing load blindly in order to increase the oil yield.sesame oil press machine