The problem of edible oil is the daily life of ordinary people. The quality of edible oil currently on the market is uneven. Some are mixed with waste oil. Therefore, many users trust freshly squeezed and sold in the process of buying edible oil. Freshly squeezed and sold edible oil has a big advantage, that is, users can see the entire production process. And the squeezed edible oil is directly squeezed with oil, without adulteration.

Therefore, opening the oil mill to allow the oil press equipment to achieve hygienic production can be recognized by the people. The people have always maintained a relatively high degree of trust in the production mode of on-site press sales. However, on this issue, some raw materials are being selected and exported. The craftsmanship of the oil and the false ingredients in it will make people beware. As a result, the people will not recognize the oil mills.

Therefore, if you want the oil mills to have a good long-term business. It should be hygienic production.

First of all, we must check the raw materials. Ensure that the raw materials selected are fresh raw materials. For example, moldy peanuts cannot be used.

Secondly, during the oil pressing process, the peanut oil must not be left behind in rapeseed oil or cheaper oil.

Thirdly, the storage conditions of the squeezed oil must be ensured. Pure physical pressing used in oil press equipment. Therefore, the key to opening an oil mill is to make the oil press equipment hygienic production.

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