To open an oil workshop, you will need a complete set rapeseed oils press equipment. To open an oil workshop, novices will need to have a complete set of rapeseed oil pressing equipment. Some of these machines are required equipment while others are optional. All of these machines are necessary for oil mills to produce healthy, original edible oil. The oil extracted by an oil mill is clean, fresh, and free of chemical agents. The whole process of squeezing can be seen with your own eyes. It can be sold on-site, and makes high profits. The Rapeseed Oil Press includes a complete equipment selection machine, seed frying machine, oil press and oil filter.

1. The main purpose of the selection machine is to screen rapeseeds. The rapeseed gathered by common people usually contains more impurities. Therefore, you should choose a screening machine. Concentrators remove impurities from the rapeseed. It can increase oil yield and decrease damage to the machine.

2. The seed-frying device must steam-fry any raw materials, such as rapeseed. They will taste better once steamed. The quality of the stir-frying process directly impacts the yield and quality of oil products. The expression “three-point squeeze, seven point stir-fry” demonstrates the importance of stirring-frying during the oil extraction process.

3. The oil presses put the raw materials in the oil press equipment to press. Many oil presses can be multi-functional, which means that one machine can extract a variety raw materials. It is also easier to use. When connected to electricity, the fully automated oil press can be produced. It is also important to have an oil presse. High oil yield can be achieved with a good oil press.

4. The oil filter aims to filter the crude oil. Oil residue is a part of crude oil. To improve the cleanliness of the crude oil, we use oil filter equipment. This allows us to filter out any oil residues inside and obtain clean and direct cooking oil. These are the four components of a complete set of rapeseed oils press equipment. Oil quality is different in some places. You can choose to purchase complete equipment for refining.

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