Maintenance and maintenance methods are indispensable steps for the oil press. Many users just use it blindly during use, and have not maintained and maintained the oil press. Such problems will occur after the machine has been used for a period of time. Many users will doubt the quality of the machine itself. In fact, this is mainly because there is no regular maintenance and maintenance during use.

Today, Benteng Machinery will tell you how to maintain and maintain the oil press.

1. The lubrication should be checked regularly after every 50 hours of work. The reducer should always ensure that the oil cup cannot be cut off, so that the inner bearing of the press shaft adjustment screw should be filled with butter once per shift from the adjustment screw hole. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited. Generally, the copper sleeve and the adjusting screw sleeve are added with oil once after 4-6 hours of work, and the rolling bearing is cleaned and refilled with butter after 3 to 4 months of use.

2. The lubrication parts inside the oil press are strictly prohibited from intruding dust and other impurities. The oil quality of the gearbox is once a year. If it is found to be deteriorated, all the oil must be replaced.

3. After the oil press has been in operation for 3 to 4 months, perform an overhaul. After the press rod is worn out, it becomes an arc shape, which will reduce the pressure in the press chamber. If the amount of wear reaches 2 mm, the surface can be replaced. After both surfaces are worn, a new one is required. How to improve the oil output rate of the camellia seed oil press in Wuhe County during maintenance of oil cylinder and piston oil leakage. If it is caused by the wrong installation of the bowl mouth, how to increase the oil output rate of the Lai seed oil press in Wuhe County should follow the correct method Refit the skin.

4. Check and clean up in time. After working every day, the equipment should be cleaned in time to avoid a large amount of residual cakes inside the machine when the machine is turned on the next day, which will damage the motor and bearings. The best solution is to stop the feed before shutting down, let the equipment continue to run, and remove all the residual cakes in the press chamber to ensure the sanitation inside the oil press. And deal with the dust and grease on the surface of the machine. The vulnerable parts and key parts of the oil press should be inspected regularly, and the problems should be solved in time. So as to ensure the oil output rate of the oil press and increase the service life.