The demand for peanut butter press machine is increasing rapidly due to the growing production of oil crops. It is simple to use and requires a minimal investment. It is widely used in rural areas. Learn how to use the peanut butter press machine properly, and the key technologies.

1. The preform’s water content.

Preform’s water content is too low for it to be used as a cake batter and can not be pressed out of oil. The preform is too watery and the raw material is gelatinous. The oil can’t be extracted if the pressure drops. Normally, higher oil contents should have lower moisture levels under certain temperatures due to high pressing pressure. ”

2.Squeezing temperature.

The squeezing temperatures are too low. It is also difficult to flow and polymerize oil. The temperature for cold pressing can be controlled between 60 and 90 degrees and 100 to 130 degrees for hot pressing.

3.Snail Squeezing speed

The snail speed determines how long it takes to squeeze out oil. It also affects the amount of raw materials and the amount of time that is required. However, if the snail speed is high, then the squeezing times are short. Low speed results in a long squeezing period, high oil yield, and low productivity. The hot pressing speed ranges from 36 to 38 r/min. The cold pressing speed ranges from 85 to 120r/min.

4. Rub the oil into the cracks.

The oil output gap should not be too small. This will cause poor oil flow and lower oil production rate. The gap should not be too large. This will cause the press chamber to be under pressure and result in oil that is less oily. The oil gap should be greater for raw materials that have high oil content such as soybeans and peanuts. Normal circumstances call for a gap of 0.07-1.00mm

5.The number and the time taken to squeeze.

Specific conditions will dictate the number of squeeze passes and the time required. The squeezing process determines the number of passes. You can squeeze it out once it is cooked. However, you need to squeeze it twice. The production efficiency of the product will decrease if the pressing time is too long.

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