There are several types of oil filter on the market: vacuum oil filter, plate and frame oil filter, pneumatic oil filter, and centrifugal oil filter. The centrifugal oil filter was first developed and produced by Benteng Machinery in September 2009. Many users have questions, is the centrifugal oil filter okay? The answer is of course yes. The centrifugal oil filter has been developed and produced for 6 years now.

And nine out of ten oil purifiers sold are centrifugal oil purifiers. The centrifugal oil filter is more popular in terms of filtering effect and operation method. Whether it is a vacuum oil filter or a plate-and-frame oil filter, media is required. Through the filter cloth, the residue needs to be continuously scraped during the operation. It is very troublesome to operate, and the filter cloth needs to be replaced, and if the filter cloth is clogged, it will not have a good filtering effect.

However, the centrifugal oil filter has been modified and upgraded. It mainly uses the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to filter the freshly squeezed edible oil, and separate the oil and residue, so that the oil is clear and translucent. The centrifugal oil filter does not have a filter cloth, and the residue needs to be cleaned only once it filters 1000 kg. The residue can be removed directly by opening the lid. And it can be filtered once in five minutes, and 50-80 kg of oil can be filtered once. The oil filtered by the centrifugal oil filter is very clear, does not foam, and can be directly used for cooking. Therefore, the centrifugal oil filter is more and more popular with oil mills.