Many users do not know whether the oil press equipment is two-phase or three-phase. At present, there are many types of oil press equipment on the market, there are two-phase electricity and three-phase electricity. Two-phase electric oil press is also called small oil press, mobile oil press and vehicle-mounted oil press. Three-phase electric oil presses are generally medium and large.

Today, Benteng analyzes the difference between the three-phase and two-phase power of the oil press equipment, so as to distinguish which effect is better. Earlier, the oil press equipment used two-phase electricity, mainly because it can directly use 220V household electricity, and can be placed on the car to be processed in different areas.

The two-phase electric oil press also includes three parts: seed frying, oil pressing, and oil filtering. The three-phase electric oil press has been developed in recent years, with the people’s recognition of green edible oil. The planting area of ​​oil crops is also increasing year by year, and more and more people begin to squeeze oil by themselves. The three-phase electric oil press is mainly suitable for opening oil workshops, external processing and oil pressing and selling.

Two-phase electric oil press has advantages over two-phase electric oil press:

1. The power is large, and the three-phase electricity is 380V AC voltage, so the electric energy provided is greater, which can provide greater kinetic energy for the oil press and produce more power. Big.

2. With fast efficiency and strong function of three-phase electricity, the production power of the oil press will be improved.

3. The quality is high. The oil press relies on pressing technology. If the power is not enough, the pressing capacity of the oil press may be limited, and the oil output rate will not be high. Although the three-phase electric oil press has more advantages than the two-phase electric oil press. If there are not a lot of raw materials, or there is no three-phase electricity, you can also choose a two-phase electric oil press. This needs to be selected based on local actual conditions.