The screw-oil press can squeeze many different types of raw materials. Common oils include rapeseeds, soybean, sesame and sunflower. Different oils have different colors.

People like oil that is brighter, regardless of whether they are selling or processing it. Oil is generally a golden color. Some customers have reported that the color of the peanut butter pressed from the screw press is dark.

Two methods can be used to press peanuts using the screw-oil press. One is for cooking and one is for raw. Raw squeezing refers to pressing the peanuts directly without having to fry them. Because the color of the oil remains the same, the oil can be squeezed and turned into a golden oil. Raw squeezing is a great way to preserve the peanut butter operating costs. Raw squeezing has the advantage that the oil color is beautiful and clear.

Peanut oil blackening is caused by several factors

The black color of the peanut butter pressed with a screw press is used primarily for the cooked pressing. For the cooked squeezing, you will need to fry the seeds. Peanuts have a red coating. The seeds will get charred from the red coat. It is not easy for novices to understand the concept of small flames, so the seeds can be easily fried. Because the skin of the fried peanuts are black, the squeezed oils will also appear black.

A closed seed frying machine is the best option. Closed seed frying machines can be used to both steam and stir-fry peanuts. This allows them to retain their moisture well so that they can be fried quickly. This peanut oil is quite attractive. It doesn’t matter if the peanut oil is cooked or raw. To get high-quality peanut oil, the crude peanut oil must be filtered.

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