How to solve the oil leakage of the oil press equipment

The service life of oil press equipment ranges from several years to more than ten years. This is mainly related to the method of use and maintenance. Although the design of oil press equipment has been perfect. Production has matured. But there is no guarantee that every customer can always use it. In the process of use, there will always be equipment failures due to small negligence or small problems. For example, how to solve the oil leakage of the oil press equipment?

Oil leaks from oil press equipment are all caused by minor problems. For example, if the raw materials are mixed with stones, iron filings and other oils will directly enter the press chamber, causing the machine to jam. This is a small situation, and many situations can be avoided, so we must do the corresponding inspection before using the machine. Work. There is a small gear box at the bottom of the oil press equipment, which is mainly used for speed change. The oil leakage here is mainly mechanical oil. It is due to the friction between the gears caused by long-term use, and some iron Oil leakage caused by chips, here we need to clean up, if it is serious to add anti-leak pad, if it is more serious, you need to consider replacing the gear box, so these tasks are very meticulous. In the maintenance inspection, we can identify the accident by knocking on the cabinet of the oil press equipment, usually using a screwdriver or a small hammer.

Small problems and big failures. To make the oil press equipment guarantee high oil yield and long service life. All need to pay more attention to the details. When oil leakage occurs in the oil press equipment, it must be shut down in time to solve the problem, and the oil leakage cannot be allowed to continue to work. At the same time, the machine must be cleaned and inspected after the oil is squeezed every day. It is guaranteed that it can operate normally within two days.