There are similarities and differences in the pressing of different oils. Take peanuts today as an example to explain the peanut oil extraction process. We must first know what equipment is required. A seed frying machine must also be equipped with an oil filter, a oil filter, a shelling and feeding machine. The seed frying device is essential for the cooking and pressing of the machine for sale

However, the shelling machine as well as the feeding machine can be used. A large oil press should be equipped with a feeder. They work together to produce high-quality peanut oil.hemp oil press

1. Sheller: The sheller is responsible for removing the peanut shell. High yield peanuts are obtained after the shelling process. If the peanuts are being used, you can skip this step. However, shelled peanuts can be squeezed but at a slower speed. They both produce the same amount of oil.oilpress

2.Seed-frying machine: Oil pressing has “three-point pressing” and “seven-point frying”, so the quality of the fried seeds directly impacts the oil production rate. It is important to ensure that the seeds are not too soft or too old when frying them. The color of peanuts can help you judge the quality.oil processing equipment

3. Pressing and feeding. When the oil is hot, put the fried peanuts in the press. Automatic feeding is possible if you have a feeding machine.cold oil press for sale

4. Filter machine. A filter can be used to remove any impurities from the crude oil. Clean oil can be used directly to cook without the need for scalding or releasing smoke.extract plant oils pressing