The oil output rate of the multifunctional oil press determines the use effect and market share. Whether it is for external processing or squeezing and selling of oil, the oil production rate is very important. How to improve the oil output rate of the multi-function oil press is very important.

一:The oil output rate of the multi-function oil press is related to the quality of the raw materials: try to select oils that are full of quality, free from dampness, and mildewed to squeeze the oil.

二:The oil output rate of the multifunctional oil press is related to the design and pressure of the oil press itself:

1.Increase the number of pressing stages: upgrade from the original two-stage press to a three-stage press, which improves the oil output rate.

2.Increase the size of the press chamber: adjust the pitch, increase the press chamber pressure, and further improve the oil output rate.

3.Addition of oil guide groove in the press chamber: In order to prevent the extruded oil from being immersed into the dry cake residue again, an oil guide groove is set in the press chamber of the equipment to separate the oil and the cake quickly and increase the oil yield.

Low residual oil rate: Compared with the old-fashioned production process, the process of producing edible oil with an oil press is simple three or four steps, and the oil can be squeezed out at one time without pre-pressing. In contrast, the production volume has doubled; due to the high pressure, The residual oil rate of the dry cake is very low, which can save you production costs.

三 the oil output rate of the oil press is related to the technical level of the operator: operating the oil press requires certain technical requirements. If the technology is not good or even without technical training, it will often be If the frying and other links are not done well, it will affect the quality of the oil.