The centrifugal filter machine has undergone numerous upgrades and improvements, starting with the original ordinary type to the present large-diameter model with shock absorption. Each improvement makes centrifugal oil filters more user-friendly and better. 8 out of 10 oil filters now choose centrifugal filter machine. Although this technology is extremely advanced, some customers have reported that the centrifugal oil filters may leak oil. What is the reason for oil leaking from the centrifugal oil filters? Is it a quality issue?

How to fix oil leakage in centrifugal filter machine?

The oil filter system will wear down over time from long-term use and heavy loads. What do we do if there is an oil leaking? This problem will be explained by the machinery manufacturer, so customers can repair it themselves if there is an oil leaking. Oil leaks are common.

1. The centrifugal filter filter element is incorrectly installed, which can cause the machine not to work. The oil residue will be contaminated by crude oil.

2. There are many impurities and the oil outlet is blocked.

3. The oil filter pipe is damaged and leaky.

4. Impurities block the filter.

How do you deal with the four above situations?

1. Open the case and replace the lower filter element

2.Screen the oil carefully before you import it.

3.Replace the oil filter

4. Cleanse the filter of impurities.

The service life of the centrifugal oil filters can be extended by proper maintenance and use.

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