The fully automatic oil press is currently the most advanced equipment on the market. Therefore, the utilization rate is relatively high. Automatic oil press is a mechanical equipment. Parts need to be replaced during long-term use. Especially the replacement of wearing parts. The degree of wear of each component is different, so the replacement of accessories is also carried out according to the actual situation. The core components of the automatic oil press are mainly screw press, press bar, cake outlet, press chamber, extrusion head, gear box, various bearings and other parts. The pressing part of the automatic oil press is mainly the pressing part.

There are rows of squeezing chambers, squeezing snails, and cake outlets. For snails, there are generally three extrusion heads, and the three extrusion heads are mainly used for squeezing. The material of the snails determines the quality. At present, the snails on the market are mainly made of Cr12 die steel and No. 45 steel. If it is 45# steel, the price is cheap, so generally it needs to be replaced with 100,000 jin, while the Cr12 mold steel is expensive, and the tea seed can guarantee 400,000 jin. If it is rapeseed, peanuts, etc., it is generally more than 600,000 jin Need to be replaced. The gearbox gear is the main working part of the automatic oil press.

It connects the operation of the machine and the motor, so it has a large amount of operation and is also a vulnerable part. The use of hot forging parts can make the material more durable and have a longer life. Bearings are also widely used in equipment, so the bearings generally use the national standard bearings of Luoyang No. 3 Factory, so as to ensure the life of the machine. The motor part is an indispensable part of the automatic oil press.

There are copper core motors and aluminum core motors. Everyone who has used the motor knows that the copper core motor is of good quality and long service life. Aluminum core motors often fail. Copper core motors can only be used normally for 3-5 years without problems. For a fully automatic oil press, the replacement of parts needs to be determined according to the amount of raw materials to be pressed and the degree of wear and tear of the equipment. If there is a decrease in the oil yield, the parts need to be replaced.