Rapeseed is the main oil crop, and rapeseed oil extraction is also common. However, there is no fixed standard for the oil yield of rapeseed. Many users are not clear about how much oil can be squeezed from 1 catty of rapeseed. Although the oil output rate of the rapeseed oil press is not a fixed value. But the oil content of rapeseed can determine the oil yield. So how much oil can be squeezed from 1 catty of rapeseed and how much oil can be squeezed from 100 catties of canola?

Need to consider comprehensively from multiple aspects. For example, the factors of rapeseed include the cleanliness of rapeseed, the variety of rapeseed, the pretreatment method of rapeseed and so on. The pressing process is related to the pressing equipment, model, and pressing process. There is also the filtration of crude oil.

Different filtration equipment has different quality of filtered oil, and the amount of filtered oil is also different. These therefore determine the oil yield of rapeseed. Under normal circumstances, the oil yield of rapeseed is about 38-42%. That is, 1 catty of raisins can produce about a car’s oil, and 100 catties of rapeseed can produce 38-42 kilograms of oil. Some users report that 100 kg of rapeseed produces only about 33 kg of oil.

There are two reasons for this. One is that the quality of rapeseed is slightly inferior, and the other is the low oil output rate of the oil press. The performance of the oil press itself is not good. The oil squeezed out in this way will certainly not achieve the effect of oil production. The oil yield of rapeseed is also a guarantee of profit. Especially in the process of squeezing and selling oil, if you lose 1-4 catties of oil for every 100 catties, you will lose a lot of profits in one day. As long as the oil yield of rapeseed is 100 kg, 38-42 kg of oil can be produced, which can meet the production needs.

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