Oil mills are becoming more common in towns and cities. One person can easily operate many old oil mills. Many people are not familiar with oil pressing, and many have never been exposed to it. They must pay attention to labor issues as well as the profit and cost of oil pressing. Labor costs are quite high now. It is necessary to hire more workers. Profits from oil crushing must be decreased.

Many people choose the machine they use first. This is often a seed fryer, or an oil press and an oil filter. These three machines can be used to squeeze oil directly. The entire machine can be operated by one person. The seeds are usually fried first in this process. The seeds must be fried first, and then the raw materials can be manually added to the seed frying machine. After the seeds have been fried, they are manually transferred to the oil press. The oil filtrate is then used for automatic filtration. .

The whole production process runs continuously. A feeder can be set up if the labor intensity is high. One person is usually able to operate the oilmills. Two people may be able to complete the entire production process if the volume or size of the oil is very large. On the basis of the previous oil press, the new oil press was transformed and upgraded. It is easier to use, the oil can be produced quickly, it saves labor, and the output rate of oil is high. Both men and women can work in this industry.

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