There are two commonly used seed frying machines: drum seed frying machine and closed seed frying machine. The closed seed frying machine is better than the drum seed frying machine in terms of effect and output. Therefore, more and more users approve the closed seed roaster. The closed-type seed frying machine is not easy to fry the coke and the paste. Therefore, the color of the squeezed oil is more beautiful. Today Sanyou Machinery will tell you how the seed frying machine achieves both vegetarian and frying effects.

1. It can fully destroy the oilseed cells. When steaming and frying with water, the protein will absorb water and swell, which can completely “break through” the unruptured cells from the inside of the cell, so that the dispersed fine oil can be further condensed. Thereby increasing the oil yield.

2, Make the protein fully coagulate, denature and harden, improve the ability to withstand pressure, and it is also conducive to the aggregation of oil. Practice has proved that the more thorough protein denaturation, the higher the rate of squeezed oil.

3. The effect of damp heat can make the phospholipid absorb water and expand, and the solubility of the protein in the oil will be reduced after the protein is denatured, and the grease will become clear (no pan when heated); with water vapor protection, the oil processed by the oil is lighter in color and does not send black. As the saying goes: three-point squeeze, seven-point fry.

Therefore, the quality of fried seeds directly affects the oil extraction effect and oil yield. Therefore, the choice of both steaming and frying seed fryers can meet the demand for oil extraction.