Many customers wonder if the oil press can squeeze peanuts. Yes, the peanut squeezing operation can be very important. The peanut oil presse is responsible for determining the oil production during oil pressing. Many oil industry veterans base their judgments on the cake situation.

Normal cake output The peanut butter oil press normal cake should be tile-shaped with a smooth side and lots of hairlines on one side. .

An abnormal cake situation: The cake is loose or weak, or it is not shaped properly, or the color is too dark and it is hand-crushed.

How to fix the abnormal cake output from the peanut butter press:

1.If the oil press produces a cake that is too dry or too soft, the cake will be crushed by hand. This indicates that there is too much water in the batter.

2. If the oil press cake becomes soft, flakes or thickens, this is a sign that there has been too much water.

3.In normal circumstances, there is very little or no slag between the oil presse’s round rows. The slag is then discharged at the strips.

The oil output rate is easily improved if you are able to master the machine’s cake output.

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