The 220v small engine oil press aims primarily at areas that require little oil and have no three-phase power. You can also use a vehicle-mounted mobile oil extraction. Diversified business options. The small oil press is capable of extracting rapeseeds and flax oils. The machine, although small, has a large market. hemp press machine

The small equipment can be operated easily and can be used once it is connected with the power supply. However, the machine was tested in the manufacturer and is not available for door-to–door installation. Some novices don’t have the knowledge to use the 220v small oil presse properly, and end up getting stuck.seed press oil machine

1.The oil hasn’t been cleaned. Foreign objects, including stones and metals, have entered to the press chamber. Stop the machine as soon as possible to resolve the problem. Try to filter oil containing more impurities before it is put into the oil press.oil expeller near me

2. The cutting is too severe. When the temperature in the oil presse is just above the set temperature, the chamber’s internal temperature will be low. This is when jams can be created if the cutting force is too high. A pot should be squeezed every day. When you are ready to squeeze the pot, turn the feeder plate down a little bit. Once the pie is completely normal, then unload it slowly.hydraulic press for oil extraction

3.If the power supply goes out, turn it off immediately. After the plate is inserted, close the discharge plate. After cleaning the oil, squeeze the chamber coconut oil extraction machine

The 220v small engine oil press should not be taken lightly. Avoid causing malfunctions. You can extend the machine’s useful life.