Do you need refining to buy oil press equipment in an oil shop?

With the development of the oil pressing industry, the oil mills have become mature, and the people’s requirements for oil quality are getting higher and higher. Edible oils with good color and fragrant taste are more popular among ordinary people. Oil press equipment is common in oil mills. Do many customer inquiries need to be equipped with refining equipment?

There are generally two kinds of equipment in oil pressing: one is the oil press equipment, and the other is the oil refining equipment. Oil mill users prefer oil press equipment, but some users will consider refining equipment when purchasing equipment. The refining equipment includes many kinds of machinery and equipment, which is more suitable for oil plants. The refining equipment mainly decolorizes, derusts, dehydrates, and deodorizes oil. General refining consists of several jars. Generally, the small processing capacity of refining equipment is more than 500 kilograms of oil.

Different oils have different processes during refining, and the country also has very strict regulations on edible oil standards, so the refined oil is also graded. The investment scale in oil mills is generally small, mainly purely physical squeezing of edible oil. Generally, it is processed for the common people, and there are many types of oils.

Therefore, it is not suitable for refining equipment. If it is mainly selling oil, the quantity is relatively large, so you can choose. For users who start an oil mill for the first time, it is not recommended that you use refining equipment. If you plan to open an oil plant and the investment is more than tens of thousands, you can use refining equipment. At present, small oil mills are still relatively popular, which means that there are more small and medium-sized users, and the equipment suitable for this type of user is oil press equipment, which is your choice for opening an oil workshop. Refining equipment can be invested according to scale.