The rapeseed oils press is a pure physical squeezer. The rapeseeds are squeezed by the pressure inside the press chamber, allowing the oil to escape. The core component of the equipment is snail pressing. This is a normal wear part.

After a certain time, some customers may experience low oil yield and slag. Customers will often ask what is causing the problem. This could be because the snails have worn out and need replacement. The primary function of the snails are to encourage the feeding of rapeseeds for squeezing. The Rapeseed Oil Press has three stages, which is three pressure heads.

It is extremely important to choose the right snail material. There are many rapeseed oils presse available on the market. The quality of the core components is also variable.

The snails are made from No. 45 steel. No. 45 steel is relatively inexpensive. This needs to be replaced for 100,000 kilograms. This type is used to replace older oil presses.

You can also find 20-column steel, which is superior to 45-grade steel. This is a slightly better material and can be squeezed between 100,000 and 200,000 kg. It needs to replaced.

C12 die steel is the third type. Cr12 die steel material has a higher price, but it is heat-treated. This can squeeze 600-800,000.00 kg.

Some customers don’t need to replace the machine after a year. The service life of the machine is directly affected by the pros and cons associated with snails. Good materials can be hard, abrasion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant. Because the prices of rapeseed oils presses are different on the market, some are slightly higher than others, and some are a bit lower.

Customers can assess the quality of equipment by looking at the details. They can then choose a machine with a long-lasting service life that is resistant to failure.

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