For oil press equipment, the correct operation steps are a prerequisite to ensure the smooth progress of the oil press. For many users, the correct operation steps are not clear. Our manufacturer provides free door-to-door installation, debugging and teaching technology. Despite this, the operation of the oil press equipment still cannot be taken lightly. Today, Benteng Machinery will explain to you the correct operation steps of oil press equipment.

The correct operation steps of the oil press equipment:

1.Operate the power switch to verify that the power supply voltage is normal.

2.Turn off the lower plate of the hopper, start the main machine forward switch, and the main shaft rotates reversely. After starting the machine, the feeding should be slow and uniform. . After the cake is discharged normally, the raw material can be pour into the hopper for normal pressing.

3.To adjust the thickness of the cake, turn the lock handle clockwise to loosen the adjustment handle. If the lock handle is turn counterclockwise, the adjustment handle is locked, so if the adjustment handle rotates counterclockwise, the cake becomes thinner, and when it is turn clockwise, the cake becomes thicker. After the cake thickness is adjusted properly, lock the adjusting handle.

4.Put the prepare raw materials into the hopper. The squeezed oil should flow into the oil pan to the filter. When the pressing process is over, put the cake into the hopper. So that the remaining raw materials are fully squeeze out (the seed cake is good). In the process of use, strictly follow the correct steps to avoid incorrect operation causing the oil press equipment to jam or damage.

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