In the process of long-term squeezing of edible oil, the oil press will cause machine wear or dirt accumulation. At this time, it is necessary to clean up these dirt. If you don’t clean up the dirt, it will cause breeding, it will contaminate the cooking oil, and it will also cause damage to the squeezing chamber. Therefore, timely cleaning is particularly important for the oil press.

Under normal circumstances, there is no need to disassemble and assemble the oil press. However, if the use period is relatively long, or if it is not used for a long time, the oil press needs to be disassembled and cleaned. After the oil press has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to remove the snails and squeezers for cleaning and reinstallation. The snails that have been used for a period of time have oil stains on them. At this time, the main unit should be heated and then disassembled while it is hot. When disassembling, you should first remove the protective cap, round nut, adjusting bolt, vertebral bearing, and thrust bearing on the oil press, clamp one end of the screw shaft with a pipe wrench or a tool, and insert the other end into the lock nut hole with a wrench.

Rotate to loosen the lock nut, and then quickly remove the squeezing screw, the slag tip, etc. If the jam inside the snails is difficult to remove, a plank can be placed on the ground, and the snails can be removed by two people lightly hitting the snails. The correct installation method is to erect the squeezing screw with the thin end upwards, and install the squeezing screw on the shaft in turn from No. 1, and then tighten it with a lock nut to prevent oil residue from penetrating into the squeezing screw hole and affecting the removal of the squeezing screw. (The adjusting nut enables the adjusting bolt to rotate flexibly on the shaft center)

The two ends of the adjusting bolt are unidirectional thrust ball bearings, and the large hole surfaces of the two bearings are against the two ends of the adjusting bolt when installed. After the squeezing screw is in order, tighten it with two round nuts. When tightening, pay attention to the clearance of the two bearings. Move the bricks to adjust the bolts by hand, and feel flexible to rotate. If you cannot disassemble and assemble, it is not recommended to disassemble and assemble by yourself. Poor disassembly and assembly will cause the oil press to leak residue and low oil yield. Therefore, if you need to disassemble and assemble, you can first understand the clear steps in detail before disassembling.