The peanut oil press is very common in many areas. Peanut oil can also be found on the market. Many people are not familiar with the process of pressing peanut oil and squeezing peanut oil. There are currently two types of peanut butter available on the market.

For pure physical pressing, one option is to use a peanut butter press. You want to preserve the original taste of peanut oil. This is a common pressing procedure in oil mills. Another method is to leach peanut oil. The color of leaching peanut oil is clear and the cooking process is almost tasteless. This combination of chemical and physical methods is used. Peanut oil undergoes various processing, including decolorization and deodorization.

People recognized the importance of physical pressing peanut oil to preserve its original flavor. How does the peanut butter press extract peanut oil?

Peanut oil has high oil yields. The oil yield of peanut butter is generally between 45-50% depending on the peanut’s variety, humidity, and extraction method.

The peanut oil extraction line requires that you squeeze the peanut oil first. This is an important step in our oil press’s beginning.

Production process of peanut oil

Peanut raw materials-frying-oil extraction cake-oil filter-refined olive oil

This equipment is: wok screw oil press-centrifugal filter

Peanut oil press is by oil extraction. The machine and equipment produce a delicate oil that is fragrant and delicate. Peanuts can either be squeezed directly from the shell or without it.

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