Commonly used oils to press oil include peanut, sesame, and rapeseed oils. Different pretreatments are required before pressing. Many customers will also consult this information when selecting the support equipment for their oil press. The oil material used to make the oil determines this. The oils of peanut, rapeseed and cottonseed will prevail today. Analyze The pretreatment of different oils prior to pressing.

Pretreatment is required for oil before pressing. The selection of rapeseed . Before pressing rapeseed, it should be dried and cleaned so that its moisture content is no more than 12% and impurities are not greater than 0.5%. Notably, many people ignore the importance of selecting rapeseed. cold pressed vegetable oil

The pretreatment process is dispensable. Everyone knows that oil must be selected and well chosen. The oil will then block the oil path and the parts will wear. This not only impacts the normal operation of an oil press but also reduces the number of snails, snails and snails. The cake outlet’s service life. The snails can be killed if the oil is mixed in with metals and rocks. palm oil extraction machine

We must therefore pay close attention to oil selection.Peanut shelling and peeling. The oil processing capability, and oil yield of an oil press can be improved by peeling shelled oils such as peanuts. Our factory supports the peanut shelling machine, and so forth. seed oil press 

Before oil can be pressed from cottonseed, it must first be delinted. The oil will not turn black after delinting. After the pretreatment, you can either fry the seeds with the oil or squeeze the oil directly without frying them.latest oil expeller